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Carrie Underwood

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Your post is a timely contribtuion to the debate

Posted at 6:17AM on December 3rd 2012 by Fanni

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Try adding dfriefent compounds of dfriefent acidity/basicity to see how dfriefent plants are affected. Do not add carbon or sulfur as they are not classed as organic . They are classed as basic elements and are only part of the molecules in organic additives. Also, do not add alcohol as it is primarily not organic. Organic refers to living things such as carbohydrates.So try dfriefent acids and bases that are found in dfriefent plant foods.

Posted at 10:50AM on October 28th 2012 by Emanuelly

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Jesse may I introduce the Agents of the Matrix, we are not hit and have no inonitetn of bleeding, its unhealthy. The Agents are equipped with a new weapon, HEALTH, cellular health to make the 300 just jealous Greeks.Organic Sulfur a crystal food can bring down the giants by diverting 200 plus billions into our pockets, that is the yearly take for pHarma from advertised drugs, all replaced with organic sulfur. Do the math we have the enemy surrounded, and the revoulution coming to fruition since 1776 will finally be for We the People.All of the modern diseases of man are a result a of a mineral deficiency,that mineral is sulfur. Governor, how much of your budget went to ill health?NO time to bleed, two many corporate criminals, CEOs, and Stockholdersto hang Unlike the movie, the fear will belong to the Predator. Patrick McGeanDirectorCellular Matrix StudyAgents of the Crystalline Matrix801-290-2013

Posted at 2:23AM on July 25th 2012 by Anaruvi

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louis wakie / I'm not your fan. But i love you voice and your face :) I'm vietnamese. Please reply my com. when you read it!! Wait for you!P/s : I'm not good at English. ;)

Posted at 3:50AM on July 23rd 2012 by Tawfik

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