'Christmas with the First Ladies'



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I'm doing 36 k / 22.5 miles in a charity walk for ctyisc fibrosis this Sunday. It's ahead of the Edinburgh schedule, but after that I'll be doing the 20-26 km walks until it's time to take a break before the big night.

Posted at 3:35AM on March 10th 2013 by Victoria

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Great photos, Al. You are miiovattng me to visit Roosevelt Lake on our trip through Arizona this coming summer, though summer is probably not the best time of year to visit I am sure. Do you by chance know after which Roosevelt the lake was named? Since I like both of the Roosevelt presidents and their politics, we'll likely weather the heat to pay homage to them. At least the place is now on my list of possibilities.Dave

Posted at 4:02AM on March 8th 2013 by Basit

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Posted at 12:13PM on February 22nd 2013 by jinkaz

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Rock on. Just a heads-up the screening is at 8 PM EST on Tuesday, not 9. Feel free to deelte this if you make the edit, or keep it for posterity .See you there,Jerry Paffendorf / SNOOPYbrown Zamboni in SL

Posted at 9:18AM on January 23rd 2013 by Juuh

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crossing that street and tniakg that picture is on my bucket list. guess it requires another trip to england, lol.what a fabulous idea for the card, lyrics and all. love it!

Posted at 9:11AM on January 21st 2013 by Younes

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If you would add hieracrchical crtagoeies that would help retailers IMMENSELY. We're in the retail business and we have 2600 crtagoeies nested under 20 top level crtagoeies. We've used the Categories feature in Site Search but it would be great if you had hierarchical crtagoeies for analyzing all interactions on that site. Examples are:Home > Sporting Goods > Cycling > Bikes > Mountain Bikes > Hard tail Bikesor Home > Health and Beauty > Makeup > Makeup Tools > Makeup BrushesThanks, Jim

Posted at 11:55PM on January 20th 2013 by Sala

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Absolutely stunning, Darling!

Posted at 12:22PM on December 26th 2012 by Cynthia Colbert

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