Emmy Red Carpet Interviews with Mario and Maria



Eric Stonestreet and Mario Lopez

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I rely upon LibraryThing for honest reivews, too. I've found myself holding too many books "recommended" by folks on Amazon only to wonder if we were even reading the same novel when they gave a book five stars! I just don't trust those reivews as much as those on LT, where people's motives seem a little more pure.I do post reivews on Amazon from time to time, but I tend to put up a whole batch of them at once -- for fifteen or twenty books -- rather than adding them as I read the books. It's mostly out of boredom than anything :) heh

Posted at 9:55AM on October 7th 2013 by Febry

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I'm diggin the track, nice feel good song and Nas went hard as awyals. Vid could of deff been better but not bad overall. So which one is the offivial single, the version with Nas or Legend?

Posted at 11:15PM on October 6th 2013 by Ham

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