Golden Globe Nominees 2014

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Amy Poehler

Best Actress in a Television Comedy Series, “Parks and Recreation”

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vS7EFr Major thanks for the post.Really thank you! Awesome.

Posted at 9:58PM on July 18th 2014 by crorkservice

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Hello Preston!Earlier today I read that Kim Kardashian told some of her guests that her weniddg is America's version of a royal weniddg. To answer your question: I feel Paris Hilton could be America's princess and someday soon she will marry. Her weniddg day will be watched by millions around the world.Thank you for your question.

Posted at 3:10PM on April 1st 2014 by Pramod

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Dear Mr.Preston.I dislike Kim Kardashian and her fmlaiy to an extent that makes me wonder what is wrong with people who die to know where she sneezed and what tissue brand she uses.Who is she??What has she conributed to the community of arts and people to be celebrated and to get a covarage like that?her show is a fake show and everything is written in a scropt so how on earth is it a reality show??She is no more than a playboy girl category,,and i do not blame her for getting the attention<< i blame people.Did u even see her with out a make up??aagh.Dear french florist,no she will never be a royalty.

Posted at 1:22PM on April 1st 2014 by Buda

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