Katie Holmes' Brave Face

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Katie Holmes

The actress managed a smile while walking back to her apartment from Whole Foods in NYC on July 6.

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CcmKSX Great blog article.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

Posted at 8:31PM on July 18th 2014 by link building

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if just depends on the pesron and everything. because you don't loose weight from just one spot, it loses from all over, so i lost 25 lbs with exercising and eating right and i only went down one size. it just depends. and if you lift weights, you may weigh more because your building muscle, but it will be firmer and wont be flabby like fat. so don't always measure things in terms of pounds because it can be very misleading.

Posted at 12:47AM on October 9th 2013 by Christiane

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Posted at 5:24PM on April 22nd 2013 by GilsHypopsy

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I told my kids we'd play after I found what I neeedd. Damnit.

Posted at 7:19PM on August 28th 2012 by Jacoby

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Blessings to this family in their very private matter. Now can the paparazzi leave this poor child alone -- can't help but see at every aol pop-up or check out lane a magazine has this child cleaving to either her mother or father because of these peering eyes.

Posted at 7:28AM on July 24th 2012 by Pamela Bergara

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Marty - I think the same way than you.. What Katie did when she arrived in NY while Tom was in Iceland just totally sucked. That proves really to all of us that **SHE IS SO SCARED OF TOM CRUISE AND HIS ENTOURAGE ** and of course what she had to deal with Scientlogy, etc. She should have mentioned something when she was visiting him in Iceland. kATIE IS JUST PLAIN A ** HIPOCRIT **. I just ** FEEL SO SORRY FOR SURI **. I JUST HOPE THE VERY BEST FOR THIS CHILD. wHEN KATIE GOT ENGAGED,(AND THAN GOT MARRIED) SHE KNEW EVERYTHING THAT SHE WAS GETTING INTO ** SCIENTOLOGY **SUCH AS **THE RULES OF SCIENTOLOGY** AND SO MANY MORE WITH THIS RELIGION. the best to you Suri and your Dad.

Posted at 10:36AM on July 20th 2012 by shirliana

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I think what Katie did to Tom and Suri sucks! She is not a good person to do what she did,very sneaky!! I believe it should be 50/50 custody and I do hope that happens in the near future. I do not know why you all seem so down on Tom, take away religion but all religions are demanding and suggest that you stay with your own kind. He has always come across as a very good person and a great dad to all his kids. Anyway I wish them all good luck and hope Katie does not really mess up Suri more than she already has. Too much, make-up, heals, etc for such a little girl. Also, I do not think she is safe in NY no matter how many body guards she has.

Posted at 1:30PM on July 17th 2012 by Marty

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Very pretty both mom and daugther. Sorry for the news but if it makes them happier, I just want to wish all the best! Be strong, brave, happy and wiseful, Katie. I like you and believe you that you'll be one of the greatest moms! Kisses to both of you.

Posted at 10:00PM on July 16th 2012 by Tz

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"Way to go Katie the almighty would never forsake his children God Bless you always.

Posted at 4:15PM on July 12th 2012 by Sharee

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Katie and her daughter seem to be so much happier. Her and her daughter are smiling much more. Tom maybe a mega star, but no one can or should try to control someone else. He has his religion or whatever you want to call it and Katie has hers. If you look at pictures of them, Katie always looked unhappy most of the time and there daughter for a child, did not seem to be very happy. If the stories are true, that Tom does not believe in discipline and set routines, that is bad. Every child needs boundaries and discipline. It shows you care about what happens and only want the best for them and will always love them unconditionally. Good luck to Katie moving forward. She finally got the stars out of her eyes and realized what was happening.

Posted at 6:58PM on July 11th 2012 by ladycamp

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Beautiful girl God will be with you Amen.

Posted at 8:15PM on July 9th 2012 by Abiodun Ogundare

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