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Would the ponytails from this work okay with any of your other red wigs (your Madame Red wig for eaxmple)? Say if one needed the tails but a shorter, straighter base style?

Posted at 4:19AM on October 7th 2013 by Barrio

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I have an idea how to make your wiki more informative and full of exelpmas. You can give for free or with a big discounts your products for those who writes the product reviews, updates wiki with some practical advises or make a video about the product.So you will have english-speaking tutorials made by enthusiasts.Or you can introduce point system to give points for tutorials, videos, etc. Then customer can exchange points for discounts or get some products for free.Collaborative work it's so close to opensource movement, give it a try! Thanks for attention,Nikolai

Posted at 8:40AM on June 15th 2012 by Duck

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I love to see the fashions.

Posted at 9:17PM on May 25th 2012 by federica

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