New York Fashion Week 2014

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Rita Ora

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OKAY KIP!Gett this blog goin' man!The gig at wesleyan was ftsatnaic. I look forward to seeing y'all tonight at Hampshire collegeIt is my daughter maia rose's 19th birthday today (and a full moon) so maybe you could dedicate a song to her tonight. We will be there with bells on (and of course the congas).raph is staying with his mom so we camp it with you if that is okaysee ya at hampshrebill bingham

Posted at 6:14PM on April 1st 2014 by Pytheas

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Betsy: So thrilled with your pregsors. I had nothing compared to you but it is a long road back. Of course I am a lot older than you and just the year and a half that I was sick,I wondered if I would ever come back . I am tickled to death that you are able to DANCE now. Keep up the good work.

Posted at 12:22PM on April 1st 2014 by Soso

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Oh my. I just saw that Gnomette's best friend from her days here in Gnomeville just gave birth to her first child. I'd been flloowing her hilarious pregnancy escapades on FB. Her latest ultrasounds showed the boy to be less than eight pounds. She wasn't due for another week at least. Last night she gave birth to a Ten Pound one ounce boy! Shows ya what doctors still don't know!

Posted at 10:23AM on April 1st 2014 by Mnr

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what is a 17 yo kid doing behind the wheel of a Ferrari aanywys?? I mean seriously I wonder where he will be in a couple of years with whatever he wants he gets where's the parental control? where's the values he's learning?huge tsk!

Posted at 5:19AM on April 1st 2014 by Amelie

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Posted at 1:40PM on February 17th 2014 by TinaJannifer

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Posted at 10:56AM on February 13th 2014 by betty1johnson

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