Summer Olympics 2012: Closing Ceremony

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The Spice Girls

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Posted at 2:39PM on October 25th 2013 by smashing top seo

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lol. .. warning .. nice title .. .. inteiestrng post too .. and nice way to use images to illustrate your point .. you r dead set to make your blog appeal like doshdosh i suppose

Posted at 4:53AM on December 5th 2012 by Arya

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Posted at 11:41PM on December 3rd 2012 by Robgaq87

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The honesty of your posting snhies through

Posted at 1:20AM on October 30th 2012 by Roberta

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Dedicate a certain time for waiklng and do it, drink lots of water, and be around your grandkids, if you have them, I just got my first at age 54. I can see in pictures that Olivia has made me younger looking because i am happier. She definitely makes me happy. Being happy is a good anti-aging tip.

Posted at 11:12PM on October 29th 2012 by Sasha

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I miss going to the zoo. my husband and I like to go, even as adltus. My favorite zoo I grew up going to and still love go to, when the chance arises, is the San Diego Zoo in California. No large zoos where we live now. Glad you all had a great time. Cute how your little one slept in all that fresh, warm air. I have some house flipping questions. I guess I'll ask them here...1. How many homes do you flip in a year? 2)What's the turn around time of doing the work itself before going on the market? 3) Did you start out with smaller houses, moving on to larger ones? 4) How do you do it all?! Raising kids, homeschooling, labor work in flipping houses, meals being cooked, etc. Can't think of anymore at the moment. Thank you! Andrea

Posted at 5:29AM on October 28th 2012 by Berith

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Absolutely love that first shot with them all langihug! I'm gonna book you one of these days soon, and I want a langihug shot FO SHO!!!

Posted at 1:18AM on October 28th 2012 by Arpit

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Hey, you're the goto exrpet. Thanks for hanging out here.

Posted at 12:06AM on October 28th 2012 by Latisha

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Posted at 7:32AM on August 27th 2012 by SMITH

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"David Cronenberg, you're my hero". "You are the wind beneath my wings". In my gut, my women's iuitntion, this will be the film that shuts critics up about Rob's Edward Cullen persona. If those critics still are negative about Rob's role in Cosmopolis, they are biased and have no business reviewing films. I have not seen a clip of this film, however, I just know this is the one that will finally have critics from around the globe talking about Rob's fabulous performance as Eric Packer. One more cliche for the road from Ms. Aretha Franklin, "I say a little prayer for you", that this film is successful both artistically and financially. Onto Cannes (crossing fingers).

Posted at 7:51AM on August 26th 2012 by Auth

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Posted at 7:33AM on August 23rd 2012 by ketty

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خيلي خوب بود

Posted at 6:55AM on August 17th 2012 by saeed

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Rob is as wonderful as they get even if he is having a hard time with swan

Posted at 3:48PM on August 15th 2012 by ranada aubrey

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Not pleased with closing Olympic program. So glad I changed what I watched.Opening. was a disappointment. I did enjoy watching the Olympic events.proud of USA..-

Posted at 2:16PM on August 13th 2012 by Debby Haddad

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