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I have ties to Hawaii too. Not quite as deep as yours, but my family vaaoitcned there several times as a kid, my parents lived there pre-children and we were all raised (in MN) with Hawaiian culture and while I was in college, my parents finally moved to HI where they stayed for 14 yrs. I think since 4 our of 6 of my immediate family are adopted, we kind of adopted HI culture as our own. It's something we could all have in common. My oldest brother moved out to Oahu after my parents did in the early 90s and is still there.I loved the movie too. I wasn't SUPER in love with it, but you are right about them getting Hawaii right . Hawaii played another character in the movie and it was refreshing to see it handled with respect. Subtle and beautiful, this was a wonderful film. The kids in were especially amazing.

Posted at 1:40PM on January 21st 2013 by Madalin

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I can't believe it, I'm ralley hoping this isn't true. What the hell is she thinking??? And what kinds of friends does she have? If a guy beat up my friend like that, I'd never forgive him, even if she did. I'd be trying to kick his ass, not chilling in the pool with him! I'm still waiting to hear some type of official statement form her. She can't just ignore the situation, the public already knows about it.

Posted at 8:42PM on October 1st 2012 by Britany

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Erica - This looks alot like the dog park we take our lab too in gilbert:) Our lab LOVES pyinalg in the water and with the other dogs there. He is our only dog, so he likes the socialization! Cute pups!

Posted at 4:49PM on September 29th 2012 by Marcelo

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I went to tons of links boefre this, what was I thinking?

Posted at 6:30AM on September 29th 2012 by Azhara

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* Omg I love Simon His my fav out of all ~

Posted at 1:19PM on September 14th 2012 by Elouise

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