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I have been reading this blog for sometime now, however it has taken me a even though to say hello. I wanna say thanks i really get pleasure from your posts

Posted at 10:24PM on May 26th 2012 by Niciouppy

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Malicfecent does not have a proper dtercior though Angie wants to do. Scarpetta, I guess it may go nowhere. It looks like they are writing the script forever. Cleopatra has not finished rewriting yet and Fincher and Egypt are not available for a few years. Gertrude Bell is a big project and still seeking financiers. Besides Ridley Scott has too many projects on his plate right now. I hope she will do it within several years.I guess that led her to Luc Besson's project because she has to consider Brad's schedule, too. Brad will be busy for attending several awards ceremonies next year until March. I remember Besson joined to Brad/Angie at the screening of The Tree of Life at Cannes . His current project The Taken 2 has Rade Serbedzija as one of important cast. Besson also attended ITLOBAH LA premiere.

Posted at 9:53PM on March 24th 2012 by Jack

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ah! May is our month people! May is the month we're all these llovey videos, interviews, and pictures showed up! yay! thanks Sherry for posting the pics, Angie is so llovey, and for me no matter what she looks she would always be llovey and stunning. Her dress by the way is by Michael Kors. and i love Brad's outfit and the shades, i think i remember him wearing an all beige outfit once when he was seen out with Malick way back before all the kids are growing-up to be beautiful individual. Shiloh is still on her vest and tie, which we usually see her wear; Paxie is still with his rugged look; Zee always the little princess with Pink shoes and Madz the cool one! love the video of Angie wherein she talks a little about the kids. Zee is the Mama! I could imagine her giving orders to the others and probably she is having a hard time with Paxie and Shi!

Posted at 8:45PM on March 24th 2012 by Eric

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she most certainly will osblsom into a gorgeous young woman like Angie and find her feminine style in future. And so what if she decides to stick into the more male style? Who cares. She is a beautiful little GIRL who will turn out to be a stunner when she grows up. I, too, find it admirable that Brad and Angie donb4t stifle Shi by forcing her to wear girly clothes. They let her be who she is and I admire them both for it very much. And the same goes for the rest of the JP kids. I found Vivb4s floral dress she wore recently when she visited a LA park with dad Brad and bro Knox adorable although many parents sure wouldnb4t let their little girls wear such clothing in the park where children tend to get all down and dirty. Instead Brad and Angie let their kiddies choose their own clothes no matter where theyb4re going.

Posted at 8:40PM on March 24th 2012 by Khit

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Wow! I almost feel like I just fell into a time-warp and ended up back in the '80s or sniothmeg, because in these pictures, Brad looks a lot like he did back in his younger days! Incidentally, Knox has always had darker hair than his sisters (but yet still blonde, not brown like Angie's) and I wondered where it came from. Well, now I'm not wondering any more! What I think is really funny about that is that Knox actually looks more like Angie (in my opinion, anyway).Viv, on the otherhand, looks more like Brad .but has the same light blonde hair that Angie did when she was little! And Shi? She's such a mix in both facial features and hair color that it's hard to tell!

Posted at 11:59AM on March 23rd 2012 by Thayene

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What I have really dimared about how Angelina has handled the promotion of this film is having strong women's advocacy groups sponsoring the events. They see the real Angelina for her passion, intelligence and high standards. This is the one that should be written about, not the imaginary one who has been made up in the creepy minds of tabloid writers. The journalists and others all have real names and see her for who she is. This is is the reason tabloid stories should never be believed or even discussed, as they are true wastes of time and paper or internet space. Angelina as she really is has been on display this week and she is someone to be dimared. I also like how Brad has been there for every part of it showing his love and support. They both love each other and their family, which is very clear. I still don't trust Voight but I also feel that if he misbehaves again, Brad (and Maddox another of her protectors) will let him have it.

Posted at 11:57AM on March 23rd 2012 by Ismail

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Sherry thanks for ptnsiog these cute pics of Brad and Angie at the premiere of TOL! I really love Angieb4s dress and my God does Brad look SEXIER than ever with his clean-shaven face? I espcially love pics #8 and #15. In those pics heb4s flashing a really beautiful smile. Reminds me of the smile Knox recently flashed to his dad in a park in LA. Brad looks really great with or without facial hair. But I have to admit that I prefer him without facial hair. Now he looks 10 years younger. Lynne I agree with you. I, too, keep wondering where is Bradb4s hand on pic #2?

Posted at 7:04AM on March 23rd 2012 by Mirna

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I usually dont' speak about Brad's faaicl hair since it is his face and he can do with it as he pleases and I think he looks fine however he wants to look. But I have to admit, without the beard, he looks like a kid and he is really beautiful. Tom Ford should always dress him as he makes his clothes for his body and they fit him. Angelina just looks stunning. The color is beautiful. I prefer simpler styles on her and as regal and beautiful as she looked at Cannes, I think this look suits her smaller frame better. She just looks etherial and just lovely. She has not worn much make-up lately and that also shows her natural beauty better. Gorgeous couple. There is a cute photo of Brad with his grandmother, which was also sweet. Hope all is well in Missouri and now Oklahoma. Thank you.

Posted at 6:41AM on March 23rd 2012 by Ridwan

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I'm a fan of Angelina from way before Brad Pitt hook up. However I hope soenome advise her on nutrition and the need to put on some weight. The photos of her legs and arms are not very attractive. Her stylist needs to be changed. Let's have clothing that compliments her.I can't wait to see SALT her in the UK.

Posted at 12:57AM on March 23rd 2012 by rocha

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Jbz2ES Thank you very much! I took it for myself too. Will be useful!!...

Posted at 6:39PM on September 29th 2011 by Buy software

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You have shed a ray of snushine into the forum. Thanks!

Posted at 9:53PM on May 21st 2011 by Debra

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