Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012

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An interesting cinmunocatimg is designer interpret. I cogitate that you should indite more on this substance, it strength not be a prejudice matter but mostly grouping are not enough to utter on specified topics. To the succeeding. Cheers like your Harvard University Mobile Ugly.

Posted at 1:08AM on December 5th 2012 by Andrea

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Posted at 11:41PM on December 3rd 2012 by Robbfo07

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I'm getting tired of so many spy shots, rnneeridgs, teasers, previews and any sort of high/low res image of the 370Z. The only thing worst, is the million teaser shots of the "new" Mustang.

Posted at 6:20AM on December 2nd 2012 by Stefany

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Regardless of the update fniixg your problem (partially) or not, i suggest you to transcode your 7D footage to a lighter codec for editing.If Apple cannot fix it making H264 working properly in FCP AND Quicktime Gamma Shi(f)t i doubt that Adobe will. No offending here, it's just a fact and a reason why Apple invented, for example, ProRes for problem- and hassle-free editing.Problems with H264 will arise with further editing in your project. Because of the Video Stream or Audio Stream or simply Both. I don't trust in product videos and/or showcases.Go and figure out your own bullet-proof workflow. FYI: Sadly there is no Canon EOS import plugin as it exists for FCP log & transfer, but you can use Red Giant Software Grinder to keep valuable Timecode (Date and Time-Stamp) information in your clips, plus fast encoding.If you dont need the metadata, then use Mpeg Streamclip (Batch) for conversion, it's also fast.cheers

Posted at 2:52AM on December 2nd 2012 by Vikas

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ugee ene jini 3 sartai huu gesen shu dee uagasaa ene bol shal teneg medee ohin bish huuhen bishee bur awgai bohku yu ter tsaraig ni haraa bizdeee e harwaaas gaj dontoi teneg awgai justin iiiig bododguumaa gehed ter jaahan ureee bodohgui teneg bas negen galzuuuu orowdoltei huuhen !!! ene asuudal barag ter ex nz zaluutai ni holboootoi bolj bgaaam shig bn leeshdee

Posted at 11:55PM on December 1st 2012 by Zyaiful

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I just saw the pictures on the internet, when will the show aire on T.V.? Tell me I can still see the show.......I just Love the Fashions.

Posted at 4:58AM on November 9th 2012 by Doris Hampton

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I love it. Everyone look beautiful as always. When will this air on t.v? I'm a married woman Yes I know it's strange for me to like this. But when I was a few years younger my body looked like there's.

Posted at 4:56PM on November 8th 2012 by Paulette LaBarbera

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