White House Correspondents' Dinner 2013

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Sofia Vergara

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Preston, like you I don't think that anyone in America coinedsrs Kim American royalty or any celebrity for that matter. I am a planner and I actually am not bothered by the extra press because I LOVE weddings so the more the merrier. Granted celebrities have the funds and often times global pull that any royal may have or more. They have become our countries leading philantropist, political activist and trendsetters. I would assume pretty much what the royals are to their respective countries, they are not extra special. I mean honestly whats the big difference anyway, the POTUS could be considered royalty in comparison but the only difference would be his bloodline. In all the whole thing is about a farytale which we have been brought up to think you have to be a Princess to get. Everyone wants one and you don't have to be a Royal or celebrity to get it.

Posted at 10:39AM on April 1st 2014 by Tom

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what is a 17 yo kid doing behind the wheel of a Ferrari anyyaws?? I mean seriously I wonder where he will be in a couple of years with whatever he wants he gets where's the parental control? where's the values he's learning?huge tsk!

Posted at 4:21AM on April 1st 2014 by Noriel

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your dress is beautiful, what a winner.

Posted at 11:53AM on May 5th 2013 by joleen scott

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